Launching the BioOak barrel

Surtep, the French «haute couture» cooperage, innovates in 2018 with the fabrication of a new barrel under the BioOak brand.

BioOak: a new quality label

SURTEP cooperage offers the first BioOak barrel manufactured using a patented process. The strength of this concept stems out of the barrel toasting technique. This step is now conducted with volcanic stones, without any traditional wood burning method.

Moreover, this toasting technique will allow effective control over the temperature parameters, ensuring greater reproducibility in time thanks to a unique thermostatic system with a toasting heater.BioOak barrels are made of French oak, from central France, 100% naturally dried along 30 months.

A customized barrel with the SURTEP signature

Brand new BioOak barrels will preserve above all the aromatic purity, the minerality, together with an absolute respect for the wine. BioOak barrels are specially suited for great red wines, dry whites and liqueurs.
Owners of vineyards containing volcanic stone, such as shale or basalt, will be able to get their BioOak barrels toasted with stones from their own terroir and their own plots.
We also offer the possibility of toasting BioOak barrels with semi-precious and precious stones such as diamonds, whose thermal conductivity is exceptional.

This brand new barrel is in tune with current environmental trends. Thanks to BioOak ageing, wines are in full harmony with their terroir, strengthening even their minerality. BioOak provides an ageing that respects the fruit by a better expression of the terroir without domination of the barrel’s aromas. BioOak is therefore part of a global project of viticulture, winemaking and wine-ageing. It is also a barrel that totally suits the current taste of consumers. In fact, less woody wines that favour a fruity, saline and mineral character with great freshness are the main trend of consumption.

SURTEP, experienced coopers

Surtep cooperage was created in 2005 by 46-years-old Thomas Moussie in Bordeaux. He has steadily developed the reputation of its barrels in the Spanish, French and Italian markets. Thanks to a close collaboration with great oenologists and vineyards, 1500 Surtep oak barrels meet unique standards of the highest quality.

This innovation will allow Surtep to expand its product offer and to develop in a growing market, proof of which are the development of biodynamic and organic processes, both in small properties and in large vineyards. This process meets the demand of winemakers and oenologists, who are in constant search for innovative technologies to increase the quality and typicity of their wines.

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