With five years experience with a well-renown cooper, Thomas Moussie has gained great expertise in the field of wine and barrels.
He has developed technical and commercial skills concerning barrels and large containers in several European markets (France, Spain, Italy, etc.), in South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, etc.) and Australian.

According to the greatest oenologists " barrel has become a capital element in the production of Premium wines". With this frame of mind, Thomas Moussie has drafted a quality charter for the production of his barrels.
In year 2005 he founded the SURTEP barrel brand.

SURTEP offers to wineries custom-made barrels, counting with the most important certifications, in order to guarantee:

          - Quality, consistance and reliability

SURTEP barrels are « haute-couture » products:

          - Origin of the oak (forests)
          - Drying time (at least 24 months)
          - Drying method (100% natural)
Guaranteed by the external consultant Bureau Veritas.

Barrels are exclusively produced upon request.
Each customer chooses every technical feature for his barrels.